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The "The Real Cost" of PPC is not what you pay your agency to manage your digital advertising, but whether you're getting the maximum return on your advertising investment. You can waste thousands of dollars per month on the wrong keywords, match types, and hundreds of other optimization settings.

Google search pay per click (PPC) advertising is Google's flagship product. Your ads appear on the same page as your prospect's search results.

You don't pay unless they click through to your website and you set any daily budget with which you are comfortable.

To fully understand the power of Paid Search ads on the world's most used search engine, watch these videos below.

3 min. INTRODUCTION to US Marketing, Inc. Services

Industry Leaders Predict the Next Big Thing

Search marketing should create demand, not just facilitate it. AI can help. Four leading search ad executives talk about how they believe AI can supercharge creativity leading to more effective ads.

What Does “Assistance” Mean for Brands

It’s not about just a website, but how to have a meaningful conversation with customers using voice search

US Marketing uses Google Agency Tools to report down the local community level how many searches have been made for your industry’s products / services on Google every month for the past 12 months (live Google data). Then we model a forecast conversion rate for any media budget to project the number of conversions and your potential return on advertising spend (ROAS) or R.O.I. based on your average sale or new customer value over the next 12 months.

Finally, we apply our copywriting skills to develop compelling ads in the right Google formats to improve your Google Quality Scores and your chances of paying the least per click to be at the top of page one of Google when people are searching for your products or services!

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