connecting your customers to you at exactly the right time...

when they are searching for your products or services!

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we strive for excellence in placing your advertising across Google display network (the largest display network in the world which includes YouTube) as well as across Google search advertising AdWords. Customers find you while they are searching for your product or service.

See "What is AdWords" video below.


YouTube is owned by Google and we can drive millions of impressions for branding as well as click throughs to your website for direct response for $0.25 to $2.50 per thousand (CPM). Google Display Network of websites is the Double Click network and includes the New York,, CNN, WebMD and thousands of other sites.


Our campaigns have proven highly successful for both branding and direct response.


If you're an eCommerce company we can dynamically connect your product images and prices on page one of Google Search for "Product Listing Ads" called Google Shopping Network. Set any daily budget you want, pay only for clicks.


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As an independent marketing agency US Marketing provides our clients with the best solution for them which means that we are equally capable of executing a targeted facebook advertising campaign.

Sponsorship & Advertising Representation.

US Marketing ad sales and sponsorship representation work is handled personally by Jim Bilello who has over 20 years experience and who has sold over $10 million in advertising and sponsorship.


Our methodology is to sit down with you and assess what your property, event, or advertising platform is able to provide local, regional, and national advertising clients. US Marketing maintains a database of 4,698 clients, brands and agencies.

Branding Consultation and Experiential Execution. National Hispanic Market.

Regardless of whether it is for our large clients like Chase Bank - Hispanic retail checking acquisition in markets nationwide or for municipalities like Park Districts or small business owners we provide clients with a full Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis and then make recommendations that either we or your activation agency can implement.

Project Management.

Whether it's Multi-cultural research, experiential tours, sponsorship or ad sales representation or social media management including Search Engine Marketing, targeted facebook advertising campaigns and engagement marketing; US Marketing will execute your program with flawless attention to detail and clear, concise reporting.

Dell Microsoft "DisOrientation" National College Tour. Millennial 18-34 market.

In conjunction with our partners at National Lampoon and Target Market Consulting, we developed, planned and implemented a 22 market coast to coast experiential tour. An X-box lounge, computers and peripherals with real touch and feel experiences, bounce-back to the Dell college store and full pre-promotion media support on and off campus including local radio station partners.






US Marketing agency process chart

Every client is given a thorough assessment to determine and set up measurement goals for their campaign including:


  1. Define clear advertising goals through consultation with you – US Marketing has a copyrighted client survey process that uncovers hidden “gems” keyword combinations using our exclusive agency only access to Google’s trending dashboard we can see which keywords are trending:
    1. Globally
    2. Nationally
    3. By state
    4. Zip or mileage radius

We will guide you every step of the way so you’ll know what you will pay, set a daily, weekly or overall campaign budget on a per click (PPC) or per thousand impressions (CPM) basis.
We will also help you define the best overall web advertising architecture as well as optimize your campaign across Google Search or Google Display Networks (the largest banner, rich media display network in the world) and customize for mobile devices, tablets like iPad or language preference if you target customers in other countries.

  1. Effective Account Architecture to ensure the ad words and campaigns being run are aligned to your website(s) or landing pages being advertised and are relevant to the products and services being promoted.
  2. This helps insure you pay the lowest rates Google has to offer and results in your ad being displayed in a higher rank order in the list than your competitors that don’t do this
  3. Keywords will be continuously checked to be sure they are:
    1. Relevant
    2. Cost Effective
    3. Targeted
  4. Ideation and Creative Services. Google itself has trained US Marketing in live training exercises by the Search Engineers that design and develop Google search algorithms, systems and processes. We will provide clear, compelling ad texts that contain “calls to action,” to increase the “click through” rate of your campaign
  5. Online conversions can be quantified and tracked